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Lost ID Protocol

Protocol for Lost Firebaugh High School Student Identification Cards:

  1. Report the Loss: As soon as you realize that your Firebaugh High School student identification card is lost, you should immediately report the loss to the school's main office. You must do this in person.

  2. Provide Information: You will need to provide information about your lost identification card, such as your name and student identification number. You should also provide the date and location where the card was last seen.

  3. Request a Replacement: Ask the school office to issue you a replacement card. You will need to fill out a form to get a new card.

  4. Pay for Replacement: Firebaugh High School charges a fee for replacement identification cards. You will need to pay this fee before your new card can be issued. The current fee is $10.

  5. Wait for the Replacement: Once you have completed all the necessary steps, you will need to wait for your new identification card to be issued. The length of time it takes to receive a new card can vary depending on staff availability.

  6. Collect Your New Card: Once your new identification card is ready, you will need to go to the school's main office to collect it. 

  7. Safeguard Your New Card: Once you have your new identification card, make sure to keep it safe and secure. Do not lend it to anyone or leave it unattended. If you lose your card again, you will need to follow the same protocol to get a new one.